Evangelical Christians - good news or bad?

Yes, I know I haven't written a blog for a very long time, but today I read something that I knew I had to share.

Last week, we had the sad, but joyous news that John Stott has left this earth and is now in glory. There have been many amazing tributes from Christians all over the world. Yet, in some ways more amazing, has been the response of the world. The next day, the BBC published an article on their website.

Then, today, my Google+ stream had a post referring to a New York Times article.

This is the world writing about an evangelical Christian leader! Sadly most of what we hear about on the "secular" news is about nutters like Pastor Terry Jones. Yet, not only do we have a message of amazing grace that transforms lives, the grace of God is so glorious and transforming that we also can lead lives that leave a lasting legacy on earth.

The famous "footprints" story has footprints in the sand. But after a while the sea comes in and washes the footprints away. I believe that our purpose is to leave footprints in the rock... footprints that years ahead will still leave their mark in lives that follow on after us.

John Stott, in his passing into glory, is good news story - even the world. How about us?


Dan Bowen said...

Great to have you back bro! Your words are always welcome and valued!

Paul Panton said...

It is good to see that their are individuals that will take their faith walk in Christ our Lord and Saviour seriously. When you cease the moment opportunities for new fruits are handed down. In this example I received my gift of gospel poetry, that I have placed all inside a book to share with you.