Revenge against the spirit of accusation

I have recently finished listening to Rob Rufus teaching from Dubai on grace from 2006.

Towards the end of the message, Rob, in applying the parable of the prodigal son, spoke with passion about how actively standing in the truth of the finished work of Christ sets us totally and completely free from the spirit of accusation and condemnation. Condemnation locks up, grace sets free - not to carry on sinning, but to live in freedom from guilt and freedom to be holy.

I am about to go on holiday (for a week), so I thought I would leave this quote behind, and I encourage you to let the truth impact you and liberate you. Blessings in abundance to you. Over to Rob:

"Satan hates for us to find out about grace, but the Father has prepared a table for us in the presence of our enemies, and the best thing you can do to take redemptive revenge against the evil one is to enjoy the feast; dance, celebrate.

The day you feel least worthy to praise God, that's the day to come like a prodigal into the Father's arms with the first robe, the ring on the finger, the sandals on your feet, and say, 'I'm going to glorify the mighty work of God at the finished work of the cross, where He triumphed over principalities and powers and disarmed them openly at the cross, took away the rules and the regulations at the cross and cancelled them, and forgave all my sins past, present and future. And even though I haven't been perfect this week, I'm going to eat of the table of blessing in the presence of my enemies cos my Father gave me this robe, my Father put His arms around me, my Father ran to me; I didn't run to Him, He ran to me, He sought me out, He gave me the grace, it was His initiative!'

If God is for you, who can be against you? It is God who justifies, who is it that condemns? We're gonna celebrate, we're gonna praise, we're gonna dance because it is God the Father who initiated this feast in the presence of my enemies.

Revenge against the spirit of accusation."
Before moving on in his message, Rob concludes with this sobering challenge:
"And friends, if you do not maintain and sustain an agressive attitude to the spirit of the older brother; unless you sustain an agressive attitude against the spirit of accusation, a move of grace will dwindle within weeks."
Let's not allow grace to dissipate into accusation and condemnation. We do sadly fall, but we don't have to allow accusation to keep us down - be it accusation from our own thinking, from others who would want to draw us back to some form of law and regulation, or from the enemy and his hosts of hell.

Let's stand, without giving in even for a moment, in grace. Please don't read this and start saying "that's a licence to sin". It's not! It's simply a licence to be free from guilt and condemnation, and in that freedom to enjoy God, to bask in His presence, to encounter His glory, to be changed, and to walk in fruitfulness.


Dan Bowen said...

Agreed! I think traditionally "grace" has carried a slightly wimpy connotation. That people who are "gracious" are thereby weak and walk-overs! But Jesus - our great role model - was no such thing! He was compassionate to those who deserved compassion, but to the legalists - to the Pharisees, He was far from wimpy! He overturned tables! He used a whip! He called them "whitewashed walls" and "vipers"!!

I am finding quite naturally that as I spend time in the grace of God learning again and again what the imputed righteousness of Jesus Christ means for us ... I am finding that I am becoming more and more aggressive towards the manipulative legalism that has sought to bind me in the past!

lydia joy said...

I love the story of the prodigal more and more every time I hear it, these days - and I so needed to hear it again! Thanks for putting this up - I think I was have some subtle condemnation creeping in, so this was a blessing to me and now I am rejoicing that I get to enjoy the party God has for me ( and all his children!)

Isn't that what grace is all about, so we CAN be free to enjoy God, bask in His presence, encounter his glory, to be changed and to walk in fruitfulness - I never experienced any of the above until Grace was truly revealed to me - Praise God!

jul said...

Great word Peter, very encouraging, thank!

And to think I could be bolder, now that's exciting haha!

Anonymous said...

You've gone incredibly quiet. Nothing to say? Or given up writing?