Life in the Spirit messages

A week or so ago, I published a short post from one of Sam Storms' messages from Life in the Spirit.

Someone asked if the messages were recorded. The answer is "yes"!

The messages were all recorded and sold in support of the charity Teamwork, which supports local churches and aid projects, mainly in Kenya. If you would like to purchase any of the CDs, then please contact them directly by e-mail.

To help your chose, here is an outline of the messages:

Session 1 - Sam Storms - Don't Quench the Spirit! A wonderful exposition of 1 Thess 5v19-22.

Session 2 - Clive Calver - Understanding the Times 1. A challenge not to look back, but to move forward. This is not a time for looking back, or standing still.

Session 3 - Dave Campbell - Prophetic Anointing 1. Looked at 1 Sam 16-17, and how the anointing of God enabled David to fulfil his destiny.

Session 4 - Bernard Thompson - Moving in the Prophetic. Some excellent practical teaching on the importance of the prophetic. The headings of this message were: The prophetic is a Holy Spirit Production, a Holy Spirit Provision, needs Holy Spirit Prompting, Holy Spirit Propulsion, and Holy Spirit Penetration.

Session 5 - Clive Calver - Disappointed with Jesus? This was an honest exposition of the the road to Emmaus account, including personal testimony from Clive. He expressed the reality that we do get disappointed, but how Jesus came alongside, brought the scripture, and revealed Himself.

Session 6 - Sam Storms - A Prophetic Church Now and at the End of Time. A truly masterly exposition of Rev 11v1-13.

Session 7 - Dave Campbell - Prophetic Anointing 2. Practical and challenging teaching concerning what the prophetic is. I have posted some quotes here.

Session 8 - Q & A on the Prophetic. Sam Storms answers lots of questions on prophecy and some on eschatology.

Session 9 - Dave Campbell - Impartation of the Anointing. A really powerful explanation of what happens when we are filled with the Spirit, including some hilarious disarming of many of the arguments against physical manifestations of the Holy Spirit. After this message God moved in power and I was just overwhelmed with His goodness.

Session 10 - Clive Calver - Understanding the Times 2. What is this the time for? From Acts 28v17-28 - it is a time for expansion, retaining hope, when the church will be spoken against, and for witnessing. We were challenged to build into the next generation, and not to stop witnessing. He wants to take us beyond renewal. If God sets fire to the church, we can set fire to the community and then to the nation. Don't let it stop with us.

So, if you would like to hear more, do get in touch with Teamwork. If you have Outlook, then this link should put "Life in the Spirit CDs" in the subject line; if not you will have to put it in manually. Happy listening!

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