A quick definition of theology

Yesterday, I read this comment of the puritan William Perkins -
Theology is "the science of living blessedly for ever."

Too much is said today about the need for theological academia. But theology is not about academics, it is about knowing God so that we can live blessedly for ever. And notice he doesn't speak simply of heaven - it is about living now in the blessing of God because we know Him and as we know Him we love Him and enjoy Him.

It is the truth that sets us free.


Dan Bowen said...

Yes and maybe theology becomes cold academics when we forget that it is love - the love of God - at the centre of all things that drives Him, that motivates Him. John Hosier said "Love constrained the Son of God to go to Calvary". We must not not NOT forget the blazing love of God! That will keep our theology alive and our hearts on fire and responding to Him!

Peter Day said...

Absolutely. I believe that the true study of theology should be motivated by the love of God - we have been touched by His amazing love and want to know more. But also, the study of theology will cause a greater encounter with Him - a greater experience of His love, a greater love in our own hearts for Him, and a greater pressing in for more.

I don't want education, I want experience. The love of God has opened the way for us to experience Him. And by means of the study of His Word (and good books and sermons expounding His Word) and the illumination of the Holy Spirit, I want to press in more and more and more to that experience of Him.