On the way to glory!

Through the wonders of modern technology, I can actually blog on the train on the way to the Together on a Mission conference in Brighton. I have missed the first two sessions because my children were in a school concert, but so far, I have had excellent reports.

This prophecy has been given by David Stroud: "Some have come asking 'will it be worth it?' I tell you it will be worth it. My Spirit is here! Open heaven! It's going to be worth it!"

This is just so exciting. I come in need of refreshing and a mighty encounter with the Lord. I know that He is so willing to give and to refresh His people. As my lack of posting indicates, the battle has been strong, but God is avle to meet every need.

Also, I was reminded at our last Men's fellowship last week of the importance of abiding in Christ (from John 15). There is a danger in all the pressures of everyday life that we fail to abide, we strive for things, even for success in ministry.

One brother shared this, "what we strive to get we strive to keep, what God gives He keeps."

That is a powerful thought to enter into the coming week. I haven't got to strive to receive, just simply to allow Him to pour His blessing into me - and He will keep that which He gives.

Dan will be posting updates from the conference at Spirit of God! Do have a read!

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