Church on fire

I have been listening to Hillsongs for quite a while now, but yesterday, the lyrics of the song Church on Fire, hit me. Here are the words that spoke to me:

The Holy Spirit is here and His power is real.
Anything could happen and it probably will.
Something very good something good is going on around here...
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Anything could happen, and it probably will. This is something that came out in Dave Holden's training track on the Holy Spirit and your Church at TOAM07. If the Holy Spirit is present in our meetings, then we should not be bound by programmes, and the service should be predictable, the same every week.

I wrote this summary in my notes at the conference:

"Meetings were spontaneous. Did not know what was going to happen. Worship leaders do not have authority, elders do. Those don’t know moments (where the Lord has spoken or something has happened that we don't know how to respond - we need Him to lead). Need to have that liberty to flow. Don’t liven up the PA to make it more interesting, ask for more of the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit does not want to boxed in, or dominated by anyone. Let’s be those who are out there. A good leader brings people in and then back off. Holy Spirit doesn’t like formality, we are family. He doesn’t like repetition. New things are always coming. Not don’t plan, but plan that is totally committed to the unseen conductor. So we can say at the end, that this is what God is saying to us."

Without that liberty, church can become boring. In many service we know what will happen next (even as charismatics one can be in a situation that we can predicit a certain song will lead to a time of singing in the Spirit, or that we will normally get a word of prophecy after the third song). We need to be set free from that. It's scary, but once the Holy Spirit has His way, we will surely know fresh waves of blessing in His awesome presence.

Please, Lord, do a new thing in our churches!


James B said...

It's been a month Peter. We miss your blogging and we miss your insights into the Word and the Spirit. We appreciate your busy but please get back to publishing soon!

Praying God's richest blessing on you and asking for His freedom and His freedom that you can get to writing again.

Peter Day said...

Thank you, James, so much for your encouragement. I haven't forgotten the blog. In fact, I am going to post tonight! :)