Fueling the charismatic resurgence

I have been wondering for a while whether to take the plunge and learn some HTML to enable me to improve websites etc (and even make my blog look different!). I finally took the plunge this week and ordered a book from Amazon. What amazed me is that I have opened the first page and I sensed the Lord stirring me!!

The first words of this book said "The World Wide Web is the Gutenberg press of our time."

Gutenberg was the inventor of movable type printing in Europe. Now he was no saint of God but he was used in the providence of God. Printing was a major factor in fueling the Reformation. Luther's writings ended up all over Europe. Bibles translated into the native tongues of the people of Europe were printed and spread. While many things have been printed in the last almost 500 years that have not been honouring to God, the fact is that God's purposes were advanced by means of the printing press.

Tim Berners-Lee is the inventor of the World Wide Web. He is also no saint of God - he has ended up in the Unitarian Universalist church. Yet, his invention is being used in the providence of God to bring about a new rise of truth. Again, there is much presented on the Web that is totally opposed to the Lord's purposes. But this is a tool that the saints of God can use, just as Luther used the printing press.

There is undoubtedly a reformed resurgence. It is good that sound doctrine is being written about and read on the web. Recently, there has been writing about a charismatic resurgence. On Spirit of God there is now a list of resources for the charismatic resurgence. This is being updated as more are found so that we can grow together.


The point of my post today is to encourage us to publish! All of us who are people of Word and Spirit, let's build each other up. Firstly - read. There is excellent material to be found on any of the blogs listed to the right. Plus others. Find the places where your soul is being fed. Weigh what you read by the Word of God.

Secondly - seek God and allow the Lord to speak to you. As you pray, read scripture, hear His voice, read Christian books, there are things that will thrill your heart. Some of them will just be for you, but others will be to share.

I would encourage anyone who God prompts to begin to contribute to the charismatic resurgence! Let's fan the flame in each other's hearts and fan the flame for revival.


Luke Wood said...

Great to see that others are thinking about this too! Last week I started a draft of a post entitled "Getting The Message Out" or something like that, drawing a number of comparisons along the lines of those which you have already drawn. I do believe blogging is an important tool for our time - and we are in the exciting position to be able to experience the effects (positive and negative) of this new medium and afterwards say "I was part of that". Good post.

Baxter's Boy said...