Hiding in the caves

In the light of what has been written by Jesse and Dan, and my own post of a few days ago, I was interested to read in Terry Virgo's book, The Tide is Turning, his comments about Gideon's day, and the generation "...who did not know the Lord, nor yet the work which He had done for Israel." (Judges 2v10).

Terry says:

"On the whole we too have grown up in a generation that has not seen the mighty acts of God as our forefathers did. We have not seen revivals during which thousands flock into the churches to get right with God. Unlike our fathers we have not known whole towns change, with demonstrations of power and incredible manifestations of the glory of God. The majority of our generation knows nothing of these things so we may closely identify with the Israel of Gideon's day.

"Finding that God was not with them, many of His people simply dug in, living in holes on the mountains. It was even more pitiful than this because mountains are supposed to typify significant places for strategic possession. When they had begun to move into the Promised Land under Joshua the mountains represented the heights of authority and power...

"In a similar way you can either possess a great truth of God or you can dig in and hide behind it... We often take great truths from the Bible and instead of living in the good of them we dig in defensively and hide behind them. The result is that instead of saying, 'God is faithful; let us therefore bring the kingdom,' we say, 'God is faithful; I will defend that truth to the end'...

"By contrast, in Caleb's day, they laid hold of the truth. They argued, 'If God is faithful, as the Word says, let us go and take the land.' Their doctrine was a source of confidence - more a springboard than a dugout!"

Are we guilty of spending so long defending reformed doctrine at the expense of living in the good of it? Doctrine is a source of confidence and strength, but also a motivator to action.

God is sovereign, He is Almighty, He is with us! So let us advance the Kingdom of God.

We must therefore pray for revival - because the Sovereign God hears from heaven. We must therefore preach the gospel because it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes, and He is the One who brings life to the dead souls who hear our preaching. We must pray for the sick because it is by His almighty power that healing comes.

Let our doctrine release us into faith-filled action!


jul said...

Amen! And another book to read...

Baxter's Boy said...

"Are we guilty of spending so long defending reformed doctrine at the expense of living in the good of it?"

I think the clear answer is YES. It has to be! What else would explain the vast sums of money spent on Christian publishing when the da Vinci code comes out, or Harry Potter comes out, or the Judas Gospel comes out or any other heresy? The Word of God has stood firm since its conception and will stand firm when we are but dust!! Surely its the heretics who should be running scared of the Word of God?!

Terry Virgo put your closing statement another way; "Let our doctrines adorn our actions". I loved both statements. Too many Grace churches are centres of legalism. Too many Calvinistic churches actually deny the truths they defend and would rather die than step out in faith and pray for the sick. Too many pronounced scholars and theologians of the Word of God have a fatalist attitude to the Church and have written her off rather than look with excitement at the glorious future - the best IS yet to come!!

So yes ... amen ... we've got wonderful doctrines we cling to and love!! But let's RELEASE truth rather than DEFEND it!!

PS: Jul, you MUST read this book!! If you can't get it let me know and I'll get one shipped out from Newfrontiers to you!! It's a Must-read on your bookshelf!!

Peter Day said...

Thank you Jul and Dan for your comments. It is great the way these things are being discussed - not just here but on many blogs. God is challenging us to live and experience the things that we believe.