Why should we praise the Lord?

I have just returned from a few days of blessed holiday with the family in the Sussex countryside. It was wonderful to read God's Word each day surrounded by bird song and peace. There were a few things that came out of my reading while away, but for tonight, a very short thought that challenged me deeply.

Psalm 146v2 says: “While I live I will praise the Lord; I will sing praises to God while I have my being.”

That’s it - while I live I will praise. The only reason we need to worship is that we live. I believe it was the philosopher Descartes that said "I think, therefore I am." Surely the Bible's view is "I live, therefore I worship."

We don’t need any other reason to worship. We might feel more inclined to worship when things are good, but we owe Him worship simply because we breathe.

That means everyone should worship. That means as believers we should never stop worshipping – we have our being for all eternity in His presence.

Let us speak to our soul. The AV bible puts Psalm 146v1 as a command – “Praise ye the Lord. Praise the Lord, O my soul.”

Praise ye the Lord…

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Baxter's Boy said...

Amen! John Stott put it a little more bluntly - "The soul that does not worship is a shrivelled soul". Harsh but fair! It's good to have you back, you've been missed!