{Edit 2013:  Sadly this website never came to pass, and so the links don't work, but I am leaving this post as evidence of our desire in these days to see Ern Baxter's messages made more widely available - a desire that remains.}

In early 2004 my best friend Dan and I were praying together. The aim of our time was simply to encourage each other in the Lord. We had been talking about the legacy that Dan had received in a large number of sermons tapes by Dr Ern Baxter but really had no idea what to do with them, other than to feed our own souls.

But in this prayer time, the Lord spoke to us. His word to us was "the call is to publish." To publish Ern Baxter's sermons. Dan has set about transcribing many messages and he has published them on his blog. He has also been converting the sermon tapes into MP3s.

And now, we have registered www.ernbaxter.com! There is just one page there at the moment, but we intend by mid-June to have MP3s there for live streaming. We will also be able to supply MP3s on CD for those who prefer their own hard copy. There will be transcripts and biographical material.

This is a major step forward - part of fulfilling God's commission to bring back into the light Ern Baxter's glorious teaching for a new generation.

If you want a taste of what will be on the site, Dan has transcribed lots already on his blog. The most recent two are on the Kadesh crisis and on the land. Awesome words.

In the next week or so there will be opportunity to leave your contact details on the site so that we can get in touch when it is up and running. We would value prayer that we get this site right and that all the glory will go to the Lord of glory!

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