O Gladsome Day of Praise!

I'm so sorry. I've been silent for three weeks now! I haven't forgotten the promise to produce notes of Life in the Spirit, but I've been ill and one of my kids has as well, which has kept spare time to a minimum. I'm still working on the notes from Life in the Spirit, but before I post some more of those, I just wanted to share this awesome hymn.

By way of background, my fellow leader, Ken Vincent (who is a retired pastor), preaches one Sunday morning each month. He is preaching an awesome series through Romans 12, and has now done a couple of sessions on the gift of prophecy. Ken is a lover of the old hymns and his favourite hymnbook is Redemption Hymnal - which is full of great Pentecostal hymns.

A couple of Sundays ago, we sang this wonderful hymn, which speaks of Christ's glorious ascension, but also His promise of the Holy Spirit and our pursuit of Him. It blessed me so much, I would like to share it (it goes to the tune of Crown Him with many crowns):

1. O gladsome day of praise
O day of joy divine
The Christ who died is ris’n again,
In glory now to shine.
He hath gone up on high,
Ten thousand hosts attend;
He takes the throne in majesty,
All pow’rs before Him bend.

2. The heavens resound with praise
Earth owns His regal state:
A glorious company of saints
His promised gift await.
For ere the Saviour went
In triumph through the cloud,
Said He, “The Holy Ghost shall come.”
Then at His feet they bowed.

3. In ecstasy and joy,
With songs of love and grace,
As one they tarry for their God,
As one they seek His face,
Nor can they be denied –
They ask in Jesus’ name;
Behold! He comes! The Spirit comes
In wind and fiery flame.

4. The old prophetic word
Becomes His Church’s dower:
“Upon all flesh” is now outpoured
This plenitude of power.
Who owns Him Christ the Lord
May all His fullness prove;
Yea, boldly now this gift we claim,
Through His redeeming love.

5. All-powerful on high,
Dazzling in splendour bright,
Enlarge our souls, our hearts inspire
With Pentecostal might-
We dare not let Thee go –
Thou art our one desire:
Oh, rend the heav’ns, in power come down!
Baptise us, Lord with fire.
(LFW Woodford)

That phrase in verse 4 "The old prophetic word, becomes His Church’s dower..." might seem a bit unusual! I looked up the word "dower" and it means this: "The part or interest of a deceased man's real estate allotted by law to his widow for her lifetime. Also called dowry." A "life-estate", a right allotted to us as His bride for all our time here before we see Him in the glory face to face! The blessed fulness of the Holy Spirit is the legal right of the church - we must not settle for anything else.

Thus the final verse says "We dare not let Thee go." We dare not! There is nothing else. We can build buildings, have conferences, write books, preach sermons, have evangelistic campaigns, and all of the 1001 activities the church engages in - but we need Him.

"Oh rend the heavens, in power come down! Baptise us, Lord with fire."


dan said...

I love the glorious weaving of the full and unfettered Gospel here in this outstanding hymn! No staying at the Cross here ... the ressurected and restored Christ is portrayed and worshipped in all His glory and then quite rightly the natural progression is to the outpoured Holy Spirit!

And that final verse brought tears to my eyes:

"We dare not let Thee go –
Thou art our one desire:
Oh, rend the heav’ns, in power come down!
Baptise us, Lord with fire".

How can our prayer be anything else?! "It's fire we want - for fire we plead!".

Annette said...

I'm glad you like the hymn. It was written by my grandfather! He had quite a way with words - he began studying English Literature for a while before feeling called by God to study the Bible instead. A true man of God who I remember fondly.

Peter Day said...

Hi Annette
Wonderful. It's a great hymn. What a blessed heritage you have!