The Beacon Church

Firstly, apologies for the lack of updates from the Life in the Spirit Conference. Returning to pastoring after 4 days away left me with lots to do over the weekend. But I am still working on my notes and will post again shortly.

Just to say, if you do want CDs of the sessions, please e-mail me via my profile page and I will pass you on details of the company who did the recordings.

A new Church

Before I continue reports from the Life in the Spirit I need to share the exciting news of a new church-plant in my area. Last night I went to the launch of the Beacon Church, in the neighbouring south London district of Dulwich. It was wonderful to see the school hall where they meet absolutely packed out with friends and supporters and I pray with new people from the area that they are seeking to reach.

A great mission

The church has a vision to reach the needy people right across the area they have called “south-Central London”. It includes areas such as Brixton, Streatham, Norwood, Dulwich and Peckham (across this area they have been three fatal shootings of teenagers in the last few weeks). There are some 300,000 people across this area, and they need Jesus.

Someone asked me yesterday, “Are there too many churches in the area?” I don’t believe so – there is such need. There almost can’t be too many churches – provided we are seeking together for the advance of the kingdom of God. Our calling is to advance the kingdom of God, not simply to build our own church. It is not about our own empire but the power and empire of Christ our Redeemer.

A great commission

During yesterday’s service there was a powerful word of prophecy about building the church on the name of the Lord. There is no point in building any other way. We can seek to build with human wisdom or in the ways that others have built in the past. But the Church has been commissioned to build on His name. The mighty name – the Lord our righteousness, the Lord our healing, the Lord is salvation.

A common vision

God has given this church a vision that is tied up with its name – to bring light to a dark world and be a light to welcome and draw people into the kingdom. There is an amazing similarity with a call that the Lord gave to Lansdowne many years ago – to be a lighthouse, warning people of the dangers of the rocks, but at the same time being a place of welcome into the harbour of security in Christ.

I thank God that He is starting something very special right on our doorstep in South London.

{Edit 2013:  Since this first visit, I lost touch with the church and the pastor.  However, I am happy to report that the Beacon Church is still continuing under a new pastor.  I visited there about a year ago and was challenged by precious preaching from God's word from Genesis 6 on the justice of God.  It was a very sobering message - and a reminder to all believers of the urgency of the preaching the gospel.

So, charismatics can and do take God's Word seriously - and they can preach it faithfully!}

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