A word about website links (part 1)

As promised, here are a few comments about some of the websites I have links to...

{Edit 2013:  I have removed some links from this blog (either because they are no longer active or because, while I followed the websites once, I can no longer do so in clear conscience).  Where the website has been removed, I have also removed the comments from this post.}

Worldwide Mission Fellowship

WWMF is the local Pentecostal church. The pastor, Dennis Greenidge is a great friend of mine and we are prayer partners. We share a desire to see our community won for Jesus Christ. There is some excellent material on their website, including video messages (Dennis preaches with real fire!) and some answers to difficult questions. The church holds an annual conference each year over the Easter weekend - it is well worth visiting if you are ever in South London.

Westminster Chapel

When Dr Kendall announced his retirement from the Chapel, a number of reformed commentators expressed the wish that the new minister would be a man that would bring the church back to a more "sound" position. Well, there is nothing unsound about Greg Haslam (there wasn't anything about Dr Kendall, either)! He is a truly man of Word and Spirit. God brought him to the Chapel and I believe the Lord is doing, and will continue to do, a great work in that place.

Greg Haslam is one of the best Bible teachers I know. I could listen to him for hours. He preached at my induction and I have had the opportunity to share fellowship with him occasionally. There is a link on the website to download some of Greg's sermons.

One of the highlights of 2003-2004 were monthly seminars at the Chapel called "Preach the Word" designed to equip pastors and preachers to meet the high challenge of preaching in today's world. All the talks were compiled into an excellent book, which is available from the bookroom.

New Frontiers

{Edit 2013:  New Frontiers is now the banner name for the group of leaders (who were part of Terry Virgo's team) who now lead new son/daughter movements.  I now have no direct relationship with any of the leaders in these new movements.  For this reason, I have removed the link to New Frontiers in the blog.  However, I am leaving my comments below as they shed some light on my spiritual journey, if anyone is interested.}

I discovered New Frontiers shortly before being baptised in the Holy Spirit. I went through a season between 1994 and 1996 moving from an "open but cautious" position (from my reformed foundations) to a more cessationist one, mainly because of the criticism levelled at the "Toronto blessing". My pastor then told me of this group of churches that was both charismatic and reformed. I admit to regarding such a combination as impossible.

I have since found that being charismatic and reformed is not only possible but biblical! I have never left the reformed foundations but in prayer and worship one morning, I found myself speaking in tongues. My joy in God grew and grew. Then in 1998 I went to the Life in the Spirit conference (where reformed theology meets charismatic experience) and found myself laid out on the conference room floor basking in the glory of God!!

I studied the scriptures and Jonathan Edwards "Distinguishing Marks of a Work of the Spirit of God" and realised that manifestations were not ultimate proof of whether something was a work of God or a work of the enemy. The test was the fruit - and I realised that I was meeting people who had been powerfully touched by the Holy Spirit and their lives were different! I had to repent of my attitude to the ministry of the Holy Spirit - and it became my heart's desire to be 100% charismatic and 100% reformed.

So I went to the Brighton 1998 Leaders' Conference. What glory! Drenched in the awesome presence of God. And from there I haven't really looked back. We went as a family to Stoneleigh in 1999 and again in 2000 (we missed 2001 because our son was born a few weeks before) and most of the Leaders' Conferences. Every conference has had a mighty impact upon my life.

Their vision is truly awesome. "Newfrontiers is a worldwide family of churches together on a mission, currently approaching 500 churches worldwide. With a passionate commitment to build the church according to New Testament principles, we believe that the most effective form of evangelism is worked out from strong local churches. Churches where each member participates, the gifts of the Spirit are outworked, where there is joy in caring one for the other, where there is a desire to make a difference in society and to reach those in need. We aim to achieve this by restoring the church, making disciples, training leaders, planting churches and reaching the nations." Amen!

This is God's vision for His church. I thank Him for Newfrontiers and look forward to Together on a Mission 2007. {Edit 2013:  Which was a great conference!}

More websites to follow soon...


Paul Schafer said...


I seen your comments on Justin Taylor's blog and came to see your blog. Pretty good blog you have, I will be reading it from now on on bloglines. Also, I have collected mp3s from Terry Virgo and all the Newfrontier Churches in England on my blog in case you like listening to sermons.

Paul Schafer
College Station, TX

Peter Day said...

Thank you for your encouragement, Paul. I am sure I will be making many visits to your blog!