Enjoying God at Life in the Spirit

I've been a bit slow with my review of website links, but a brief review of one particular site (and the Lord's servant who runs the site) is essential before I make any other posts this week!

I am currently at the Life in the Spirit conference! And Sam Storms is one of the key speakers.

Sam Storms is another of my spiritual heroes. He was first introduced to me as someone who brings the message on desiring God that John Piper taught, but presents it in a way that is clearer. Having read both authors and heard both speak, I don't want to make any comparison, but I know that when I read Pleasures Evermore, it impacted me again in a similar way to Desiring God. In particular, Sam Storms' illustration of superior pleasure using the example of from Greek mythology of more beautiful music to defeat the power of the song of the Sirens, really struck me. Such is the power of superior pleasure (read the book to find out more).

Tonight at the conference Sam Storms was described as one who brings logic on fire. He is a man of the Word and mightily Spirit-filled. Truly reformed and charismatic.

The website is amazing - there are articles on almost everything one could imagine. It is worth taking a day out of your schedule to peruse the site and read its contents.

I have just ordered a copy of Sam's latest book on the doctrine of election - Chosen for Life (online version available too). Such a vital doctrine that needs to be made accessible, understood, loved, and enjoyed - that amazing security and liberty of being a child of God, and the humble awe that arises in our hearts when we consider that God in His sovereign mercy chose me!

I hope to bring reports from the conference over the next few days. So watch this space!


Mark H said...

I went to hear Sam preach on Sunday as he was in Bournemouth. He was superb as usual. Hope you have a great week at life in the Spirit. And please do blog about it for all of us who wish we were there!

Peter Day said...

Thanks, Mark. Its been truly outstanding so far. I will be posting when I can!