A word about links to other blogs

Since starting this blog I have gradually been adding to the links. So I thought it would be good just to say a few words about them.

Life on Wings

This is the site of my best friend, Dan Bowen. He was the main motivator behind me starting this blog. We became friends because my pastor, Peter Cockrell, had been assistant pastor at Dan's old church (Peter has now moved to Worthing - he has his own site, but it hasn't been updated for a while).  {Edit 2013:  Peter blog is very active now and has been for several years - see the link under "blogs I read".  Peter is now involved in an itinerant ministry supporting churches and leaders around the world.}

Dan came to visit a few times and we chatted a bit, then we met up at a Word, Spirit and Power conference at Westminster Chapel back in 2001. We discovered a shared love of reformed theology, a passion for experiencing the power of the Holy Spirit, and a love Ern Baxter.

Dan's site is a tribute to Ern Baxter. The site contains a number of articles by Ern, transcripts of his sermons, as well as Dan's own insights into issues facing the church today. Dan's teaching is wonderful and he raises many important issues (for example his latest post is a review of two recent books by Wayne Grudem on evangelical feminism). An excellent site.

Spirit of God

This is Dan, too! It was birthed from the Life on Wings blog where, as well as sharing the teaching of Ern Baxter, Dan found himself (in his words) "waxing lyrical about my passions of the Holy Spirit, His Person and Ministry". So, he was led to devote a blog to the ministry of the Holy Spirit and particularly the gift of prophecy. He has transcribed some awesome prophetic words, which are worthy of reading and weighing before the Lord.

Between Two Worlds

This is the blog of Justin Taylor. I've never met him in my life but find on this blog some very interesting articles and links to other sites of reformed theology. I believe he is part of the Desiring God team. Many of the articles and links are very thought provoking and I have found it helpful to browse. He is the one who has co-edited the excellent new modernisation of John Owen's books on Overcoming Sin and Temptation (you can read this here).

Sunshine Allotment

This is the most important blog of all, as far as I am concerned anyway - because it is my wife's!!

Margaret has grown vegetables in our small garden for a number of years, with great success. Very tasty and far better than can be bought in the supermarket. However, she has outgrown the garden and for a long time has had a dream of having an allotment. Last July we visited a local allotment society and were put on the waiting list. We waited and prayed, and a couple of weeks ago we were told one will become available for us in the middle of March! Here is a picture of Margaret looking delighted - the wait is finally over and we can start planning in earnest!

Margaret has just started this blog to report on our progress. There are only two posts so far, but many more will come as the seeds arrive and we start to dig and plant.

Hopefully there will be some spiritual parallels for my blog too, as we till the soil, plant seeds, water and nurture, and by God's grace see things grow.

I'll leave it there for now and do a post on the website links in a few days!


Baxter's Boy said...

Many thanks for the warm and fuzzies about my two rambling whittering sites!! I can't believe it was 2001 at Word, Spirit and Power that our friendship was forged in the fires of Paul Cain, Charles Carrin and R T Kendall!! Wow. Feels like I've known you forever!!

I feel such a deep gratitude for you. Your continuing love, support, friendship, wisdom and advice has literally saved my life - particularly when things were particularly bad at Privet Drive under the rule of Gilderoy ... ;) ... that's an emoticon by the way.

It's been so great to bask in your blogging and to see that the call to publish is indeed coming to pass. God is on the move!! As the dwarf in Narnia said; "This is no thaw! This is spring!".

PS: Justin Taylor was John Piper's PA and Head of Theology for Desiring God but he has now moved onto greener pastures. He is ESV Bible Project Manager at Crossway.

Peter Day said...

Thank you, dear brother, for your encouraging comments both here and on your own blog. Iron has truly sharpened iron in our friendship together and I know I receive so, so much from you.

I will just keep blogging as the Lord stirs things in my heart, and I trust people receive from reading.